Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moved to a new location

This is the final entry of my blog "From The Jersey Shore to the Big Easy." It covered a little more than the first year after my move from New Jersey to New Orleans. My first impressions of the people and the city, my challenges and victories. In Sept of 2011 I finally achieved the goal of moving into the heart of the city, the French Quarter.  So as this latest chapter of my adventure in the Big Easy unfolds, I will be sharing it in a new blog, "Life as a Quarter Rat"

If you are a new reader be sure to go back and check out the old blog by subject or dates. If you have been following my exploits, this next chronicle should really keep you entertained. I hope to focus more on the people that I meet every day within the 70 square blocks that are now my world. Less politics in the writing, more adventures I hope.

Grab a bar stool, and let me tell you what happened to me today......

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