Sunday, February 13, 2011

What I learned from video games

When I came down to New Orleans a year ago, some said I didnt have a plan. I insisted I did. I lied. In hindsight I realized that I treated it as nothing more than a new game of Grand Theft Auto. Thats the only role playing video game I ever got into.

Every game starts out with basically the same character, a down on his luck new guy in town. Penniless and with few contacts the anti hero climbs his way to the top on wits and guts. Dropped off in the lowest rent district of a large city with a cast of characters to be met, some allies, some enemies. Its a game about hustling your way to the top using what you got available. How does the game end? You kicking back in a mansion full of toys, respected by everyone in your new city.


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