Saturday, January 1, 2011

This town....

I punked out and stayed home tonight. Back driving cab in Jersey we referred to this holiday as amateur hour. Starting late this afternoon fireworks and gun shots became just background noise. My whole time back in Jersey, I don't ever remember hearing a single gun shot. Down here on several occasions during the past few months I have been woken up with a distinct pop-pop-pop in the middle of the night. Room mates confirmed the next morning "Oh yea, bout 3:00 am three shots from over by the cemetery, what about it?"  Less than a mile from here are projects.

Deciding to stay home and feeling under the weather (I'm not sure, but I believe I have scurvy) I tried to turn in early. Being lulled to sleep by the gentle rhythm of 9mm ammo off in the distance and the sound of my labored breathing I was out like a light. At 11:50 or so I was awoken by what initially I thought to be the end times. I could have slept better on that small south Korean island that was in the news last month.  With disregard for personal safety I stepped outside for a smoke and to see if the Mythbusters were correct about a falling bullet being able to kill a person.

Fireworks are legal in neighboring Gretna, and evidently very popular. My room mate speculated the large display was from a casino over in Harvey. I pointed out that the entire visible skyline in about a 120 degree arch was non stop bursts of  color. To the left was the unnerving sound of gunfire, very different sound. The rhythm is different also, a string of firecrackers will be an almost on top of each other pop. These pops were a half second in apart, seven pops, a pause to switch clips, seven more, pause, seven more.  A mile or so away someone lit off a distress flare with a chute, the high winds carried the red glow sideways until it burned itself out.

There was a good half hour of a horizon wide firework display that would shame anything the Gruccis could put on up in New York. I believe more shots were fired in New Orleans tonight than during the entire first Gulf war.

Well the noise has subsided to just a dozen or so shots per minute now, quiet enough for me to get back to sleep and dream of oranges and lemons.

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