Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Success Story

A Success Story, obviously this blog post isn't about me. It's about my good friend Bobby. Bobby and I hit it off right away when we met down here because he was also from New Jersey and had a great sense of humor. I think our "Jersey humor" put off the locals. "Eric, can you hand me the ketchup?" "Whaddo I look like ta you? Huh? Am I  your friggin waiter? Sorry, this ain't my table."  Such comments made us feel at home. "Now go home and get your friggin shine box."

Early on when he asked me how I was getting by in New Orleans, I explained that I had been working as a background actor in film and television productions down here. He was impressed and I explained that there was no real reason to be impressed. "Ya know, I always kind of wanted to try my hand at that acting thing. It was always in the back of my mind..." We sat down on line and signed him up with casting companies here in NOLA and sent in his pic. "Yea, well, what about my nose..." "DUDE! Your nose and ridiculously retentive hair cut are your best features. You could pass for a construction worker, cop, Army Sargent, put a lab coat on you and you would look like a scientist."  As opposed to me, when I go into wardrobe for a fitting I get cast as a stoner-crackhead-homeless dude.

Almost right away he got background work as an air traffic controller in the film Green Lantern. That kind of burned my ass because I had applied for that part and didn't get it. I was happy for him, and he was like a little kid coming home from the first day of school. "We hardly did anything and they gave me lunch!!" He got the acting bug bad. Since he was used in deep background, they were able to use him again in another scene.  This time wardrobe placed him in a cop uniform. He so looked the part, that on the set I was looking for him among hundreds and walked right past him.  He told that during one of the days of shooting a woman ran up to him upset yelling "I want to fill out a police report!!" "Whoa, lady, I ain't a real cop." Conversely, I had strangers coming up to me asking if I had any weed.

In true American fashion Bobby jumped in head first. Applying for any and all roles while taking acting classes with local actor Lance Nichols. I've worked with Lance on a couple of films and he is an extremely talented and likable gentleman.  Check out his IMDB page: LANCE E. NICHOLS.  I was impressed by Bobby's enthusiasm and commitment to his future profession.

Meanwhile he hasn't quit his day job and he is still working hard at his own contracting and handyman business. If you need work done in the New Orleans area he's still available before he moves to Hollywood. I pointed out to Bobby that Harrison Ford was almost ready to quit acting and devote himself to construction work when a guy named George Lucus called him up to remodel a kitchen. Yea, the rest is history.

 Well, I just found out last night on Facebook that Bobby just got his first speaking role in the film production "Battleship" being shot in Baton Rouge. A speaking role is a big deal for any background actor, it's a major step up to a S.A.G. card and future roles. He still has a long road ahead of him, but with his distinct looks, enthusiasm and continued luck he'll do ok.

I guess driving all the way to Mississippi every other week to get a flat top haircut has paid off.

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