Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An open letter to NJ Governor Christie

Governor Christie,
In March of 2010 I had to quit my job in Belmar NJ driving cab at night after working there for almost 5 years. Working 60 to 70 hours a week I was only taking home $250 or less in my paycheck and tips. After my child support obligation of $110 a week was garnished I was left with less than $150 a week to live on. My rent was $175 a week, so you can see how mathematically I could not survive on the remaining income. Employment opportunities in New Jersey as well as the rest of the nation is so poor that I could not find a better paying position, and with working 70 hours a week a part time job was not an option.

In March I moved down to New Orleans, La. to hopefully find employment and a less expensive environment to live in. Upon arriving in New Orleans and applying for NJ unemployment insurance I was denied benefits because I had voluntarily quit my employment in NJ. I did not quit to move down here for better weather and Mardi Gras, I see myself more as an economic refuge in the vein of the "Grapes of wrath."

After working in the fine state of New Jersey and paying into unemployment insurance for over 25 years without ever collecting it, I was turned down. (By the way, you may want to chat with those down in NJUI about their tones towards taxpayers.)  Employment opportunities down here are not much better, and I am surviving on luck and an occasional day's work.

I applaud your recent efforts to cut back on spending, waste and abuse of taxpayer's dollars. However after 25 years of paying into a system that was suppose to be there in a time of need, I think this warrants a little grace. As of now, I am quite far behind on my child support which I paid weekly in Jersey even though it meant falling behind on all other living costs.

ALL I am asking from the State of New Jersey, is to apply my unemployment benefits towards my child support obligations. Nothing more. I would not personally see or spend a dime of it, the unemployment insurance would go to my ex wife for the benefit of our 13 year old daughter. The money would remain in New Jersey's local economy, and I would fend for myself the best I can here in Louisiana.

Thank you sir for your time, regardless of the out come of my situation I wish you the very best with your efforts in New Jersey.

Eric T Styles

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  1. those are some very innovative and democratic ideas. They would be a huge help for you and the rest of us in similar economic situations who WORK FOR A LIVING. Unfortunately our Governor is neither innovative or interested in helping anyone who makes < 60k a year.