Friday, December 24, 2010

A Holiday Favorite

Forget "It's a Wonderful Life" this is my Christmas favorite.  Last summer I worked on a film with a production assistant who was really cool. As we smoked cigarettes and downed our tenth cup of coffee he mentioned that the previous year he had worked on a film with Billy Bob Thorton.  


"Yea? What is he like?" I asked.
"He's the coolest"
My buddy told how early one morning on the set Billy Bob was gone for a few minutes and then came back brooding. The P.A. asked Mr. Thorton if there was a problem. Billy Bob said he was just trying to get some coffee. It seems that Billy Bob had time to walk down to a local coffee shop before the shoot but never got a cup.

The somewhat gushing production assistant quickly volunteered to go get the coffee for the star. "No, you don't understand" said  Billy. The actor just wanted to walk a few blocks down to the shop and buy a cup just like anyone else. However about half way to the shop he was so overwhelmed by pedestrians recognizing him, talking to him and asking for autographs that he had to turn around and sequester himself to the closed set.

It's a double edged sword for celebrities, fame and all that goes along with it. If you should see a celeb on the street, just a nod or a "hi" is suffice, no photos, no autographs.

"All I wanted was a damn Cappuccino."

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