Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Captain Kirk

I'll admit that sometimes I produce an illustration that makes me say "wow." Not often, but sometimes. This one started in Adobe Illustrator. Re-drawing original drawing in vector. The font also was tweeked to be original. Brought into Photoshop for the next four hours, this is the fini. I hadn't used Illustrator in about 5 years but it all came back to me because I had a great instructor.

I was taught by Kirk Strickland. He's kind of like Yoda when it comes to Mac based desk top publishing. When I first saw his white hair, he reminded me of Steve Martin. Most every skill I utilize to bring my artwork to the internet is done through his instruction. Everything you see on my website and the finished artwork on this blog wouldn't be online if not for what I learned at DDP Training.

Thanks again Kirk.

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