Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another reason to leave New Jersey

Several years ago I had a good friend of mine in my cab driving her to work. She told that she was having trouble with a Rabbi stalking her. The damsel was at a disadvantage because the Rabbi was "connected" and she couldn't go to the cops. She told how a couple of times she had been to his mansion in the upscale town of Deal NJ and was surprised to see the entire bottom floor of the large multi million dollar home. When she walked in there were "about 20 Mexicans at sewing machines making fake designer hand bags."

This woman from time to time had been known to exaggerate, I mean, come on Hon, a RABBI is stalking you?  I didn't really want to believe in who or what she might be involved with. I knew the crowd she ran with was, well, shall we say "well organized." I had forgotten about our conversation until about a year later when I was watching the news.


For the rest of you in the United States, this is Jersey. Tony Soprano is NOT an exaggeration or fiction, he is an example of why New Jersey is one of the most expensive and inherently corrupt state in the country. Who ultimately pays for it? Consumers and taxpayers, the cost of bribes and kick backs have to come from somewhere. These guys shouldn't be glamorized or made to be heroes. The are low life thugs and and common thieves incapable of succeeding by the rules.

So for those of you who still live in Jersey, you can stay there and pay through the nose to be the butt of jokes. Perhaps a few of you will decide that there might be another place to raise your families, spend your retirement and live your life that doesn't reward evil and corrupt politicians and mobsters.

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