Thursday, November 18, 2010

You're Uncle Sam's Bitch....

Over my 48 years of life, I've been patted down by cops a few times. When I was younger with longer hair driving 40 mph in a 25 zone, I'd find myself leaning on the hood of my car. Standing there at one in the morning with red, white and blue lights blinding me as some bored hard ass cop searched me. The official law enforcement rational would be: searching me for weapons for the safety of the police officer, searching me for contraband.  Some little dicked jerk water cop hoping to find something to get a bust out of. (BTW in Wall Township NJ in '89 a cop totally missed a quarter once of weed stashed in my right work boot, ha ha)

There is another purpose behind these type of searches that probably most cops don't even recognize. Forget the weapons or drug finds, it has to do with keeping us in our place. It's the cop, TSA or just authority in general reminding us who is in charge. Nothing dehumanizes an individual more than to force them to submit to a search. Hands on the hood, spread your legs, you're my bitch. I will touch you anywhere I choose, I will rummage through your pockets and I can take anything off of your person that I choose. I am the Alpha, you are my bitch.

These airport searches by the TSA are rationalized by terrorism.  That's the surface story. Every mom, dad and child groped and prodded for the protection of all. I won't even go into the whole hypocrisy of political correctness in how everyone must be searched in order to prevent "racial profiling." If you're of middle eastern descent don't get pissed at the airport screeners for pulling you out of line for a thorough search. Get pissed at your 19 fellow countrymen for giving them a reason. When a 90 year old white woman hijacks and crashes an airliner, then we search everyone.

This is what is angering Americans so much about the latest airport screening procedures. Not just some rent a fed grabbing our junk, or seeing our out of shape bodies on a TV screen, it's us as supposedly free law abiding citizens being dehumanized. Being forced to submit to Big Brother, publicly reminded who is in charge. A demonstration of who has the power, who is in control and who is Uncle Sam's bitch.

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