Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tunkhannock Pa

Although I was born in New Jersey, when I was about eight years old my parents moved us out to northeastern Pennsylvania. The next ten years or so spent there were not very pleasant. An abusive alcoholic father and always feeling like the "new kid from Jersey" my adolescence was to say the least turbulent.  I spent much of my life blaming the town or my parents for my trouble and it took decades to for me to take responsibility for my own happiness. I'm not saying I am happy, I just don't blame anyone else anymore if I'm not.

Today was spent browsing through Facebook for a name or two that I remembered and discovered a few familiar ones. Amazing technology that we have at our disposal, faces that I haven't seen in thirty plus years and never would've without a search engine.  A few friend requests were returned, same buddy from the long school bus ride everyday just thirty years later.

The advantages to having grown up out in NEPA? Well, folks back in Jersey were always surprised at how easily I could read and pronounce Native American and Polish names, what knowledge I had of ice fishing and that I know what a Copperhead snake looks like. Wyoming County is beautiful with the Susquehanna River winding through wooded hills. Autumn is like living in a post card.

Anger and bitterness is  a real cancer for one's soul, I guess this post is nothing more than me coming to terms with my past. Kind of like a spiritual Chemotherapy.


  1. Oh, the smell of the bus, sort like dirt and pencils, the high school kids would bring their "8-tracks" and we would listen to 3 Dog Night, or a special favorite......Miss American Pie. I still can not identify a copperhead, yet, why would I stick around to tell? JRL

  2. That was the coolest bus with the 8 track. No one in New Jersey ever believed me how long of a bus ride to school we had every day.