Monday, November 8, 2010

How to debate like a Democrat

The conservatives have a terrible habit of making arguments with facts, statistics and history. Don't allow yourself to get dragged into that trap of "reasonable debate." Don't justify the conservative's position with an equally well constructed counter point. Just use name calling and insults to win over those not as enlightened as yourself.

Example, if a conservative argues that tax cuts will help in the recovery of nation's economy, just write him off as a puppet of big business. The conservative will counter with recorded history of this policy working in the past, just call him a doody head. Someone criticizes President Obama? They are a racist, end of debate. Don't waste your time listening to the countless examples of Obama's poor performance when you can just drop the "R bomb" win the debate so you go home to watch the Comedy Channel to be enlightened more on the evils of Conservatism.

Blame Bush, this strategy has worked for the past two years and will still work long past 2012. Is the conservative a female? She's a dumb bimbo. Is the conservative an African-American? He's an Uncle Tom who is being used by Republican Party.  Is the conservative over weight like Governor Christi? Perfect, he's a fat slob and there fore must be stupid as well. Be careful, if you start to use the obesity argument then Michael Moore's I.Q. falls into question. Remember the phrase "Tea Bag" never gets old and prevents wasting time on thoughtful arguments.

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