Friday, November 12, 2010

Bust open an eagle

Government contracts are like pinatas to the private sector. Everyone wants to under one with open arms. Contractors swinging a broom handle wildly at a dangling goody filled paper mache eagle. Years ago I worked for a sign company that won a bid to repair some message signs at Naval Weapons Station Earl. The signs to be repaired were overkill when they were installed 20 years earlier, outdated the unneeded "refurbishing" was in the tens of thousands. I think my employer ejaculated when he learned he had been awarded the contract. Evidently the other sign companies must have been even greedier than the business man that I worked for.

My coworker who was the foreman on the job laughed as we inspected the antiquated equipment and wrote up a long list of "must be replaced." The work order was dropped on the desk of the company's owner as he squealed in delight at the thought of getting a check with that many zeroes. Both commented that we would be back in a year or two to completely replace the useless equipment that was to be repaired. This is typical of most if not all private contractors dealing with the government.

The stimulus money was viewed by such degenerates as the ultimate Power Ball Lottery. Every well connected contractor who had insiders steering their bids to the top of the pile drooled with erections waiting to be stimulated by Federal money.  I remember during one of Obama's less than inspiring campaign speeches, he droned on and on about a "Green Economy." A plan where replacing lightbulbs would return America back onto the path of prosperity.

Well, it did for a few.  A Federally funded $119 million weatherization program in the ever corrupt state of New Jersey made a few contractors very giddy.  I'm sure that abuse would've taken place in any of the other 49 states, but not with such blatant overcharges. $27 dollar lightbulbs and $75 carbon-monoxide detectors padded tens of thousands of theft.  Surprised? Not me, business as usual in New Jersey or Chicago or DC....

Yep, some Tony Soprano just got a new SUV.

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