Sunday, November 21, 2010


Originally this blog "From The Jersey Shore to the Big Easy" wasn't going to be about politics. I wanted to just keep it light and fun about moving from one environment to another. To tell folks back in Jersey that they can escape their parkway exit onto greener pastures. Write about all of the wonders New Orleans has to offer and what makes it so unique.

However as an editorial cartoonist from one of the most corrupt and politically manipulative states in the union, I can't keep politics out of it. We as a nation are in one of the most polarized times in decades. As a former Liberal who has watched the hypocrisy and failed policies of the Democratic Party drive down the standard of living in this nation, I have come to terms with being a Neocon.

My only regret about leaving New Jersey is that I can't watch more of this guy in action.  Christie is the politician that most Americans hope for. No bullshit, no favorites, no prisoners. Presidential material? Maybe. I would love to see him on the international stage. Let the world think that America is now being run by Tony Soprano from NJ.

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