Saturday, October 23, 2010

The other La

There are more major film productions this year in Louisiana than anywhere else in the country. Why? This state offers excellent tax refunds to film investors.  A THIRTY PERCENT tax incentive is given to those who film in Louisiana. The next Batman film will be shot here next summer. To put it in perspective, if the budget is $200 million, the state will give $60 million in tax credit back. Imagine, a state offering tax breaks to encourage business. Would New Jersey do that?
No, a $200 million dollar film anywhere else would cost $250 million in NJ. Between political kick backs, mob shake downs and the unions with their hands out, no producer in the country would want to go there.  Three union electricians to plug in one extension cord, Teamsters sitting around doing nothing but laughing at how much they get paid to do nothing. Louisiana is a right to work state, a few unions get involved but not to the point of choking to death the employer.

So with the rest of the country floundering in economic chaos, LA has a steady industry keeping us employed. Oh I forgot,  you are all so proud of "Jersey Shore" Wait, aren't they filming that someplace else this season?

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