Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Cutting Room Floor....

The work as a background actor has been a little slow lately. 
Today I worked a gig as a male model. 
(When you finish laughing continue to the next paragraph.)

Today I was a model through a friend from the set of Green Lantern who works as a hair stylist in the film industry. Kent needed male models for a hair and makeup advance training program class. I replied "I ain't no male model, but I need a haircut."  When I left New Jersey seven months ago I needed one. I liked Pat's Barber shop in Belmar NJ. Great haircuts but long lines. I hate waiting. Bruno on the other hand, never any lines. With good reason. I would usually end up getting a quick Bruno and then fixing it with a lot of gel.

So I thought about getting a Bruno before I left for New Orleans, but money was tight. Besides, I'm Big Easy bound, we don't need no stinkin hair cuts.  After finding a niche for myself in background acting as the "Burned out old hippie dude" the long hair was working. This offer was way too good to pass up.

I love this city. I ride into town unable to afford a haircut, six months later I'm getting it cut for free by one of the top hair stylists in the film industry. The stylist who demonstrated his technique on me was a very cool teacher. I didn't understand what he was teaching, but his teaching ability was fun to listen to. He was the type to say "This is a mistake I made years ago, here's how to fix it, and to avoid it." He spoke of working with directors to get an idea of what they want exactly. He mention short cuts for when you have a couple hundred extras on the set needing to all look like they're in the 1930's.      

My head brought up the question "What about the hair growing from the ears, is that hair or make up department's responsibility?" Ear hair, when you get old it stops growing where you want it to, and grows where you don't want it to. Kent's response: Sure! Ear hair is makeup dept. Unless they are nice, then hair dept would handle it. It ain't easy this modeling stuff. 

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