Saturday, October 23, 2010

Craigslist Responce

I posted my blog ATTENTION TRENTON on Craigslist Central NJ "Rants & Raves" to see what kind of a response it would get.

It is not a personal savings account that you can tap into when you hit hard times. It is not YOUR money. It is basically a tax....Get used to it. I pay THOUSANDS of dollars in taxes to everyone and I dont get anything back. You paid for years into a system that will give you NOTHING back in return. Thats why we all hate democrats. 

First off: With the tax came a promise that it would be used on Unemployment benefits, NOT building roads and bridges that are over priced because of kick backs. Just like the Feds did with social security tax. Taking it under the premise that it would be there when we need it. Now we hear "Opps, we spent it." 

Second: GET USE TO IT? This reply must've been written by a State Government employee. Perhaps you could replace the state motto on your license plate from "The Garden State" to "GET USED TO IT." He evidently is just a hack bitch who willingly gives it up in taxes, then expects nothing promised in return.

Third: Let's blame the Dems?  Are you so naive to trust either party any more? It's good cop / bad cop and we fall for it every election. Our choice is what we deem the lesser of two evils.

This was my favorite response on Craiglist Rant and Rave:

Your taxes implied you would receive services if needed????
- Dont you think your tax dollars go to ANYTHING whereby you benefit? That is a shame your state taxes done benefit you in any way shape or form. I guess you run to put out fires that could burn down your community, heaven forbid. I guess you run out there and direct traffic when the traffic lights go out. I guess you drive up and down shoveling all the roads so you can make it to work. I guess you empty your own garbage at the dump yourself....Negro, for real. 

No, those things were supposed to be paid for by the other taxes, property tax, income tax, sales tax and dog licenses. Every time they introduce a new tax it was to address a particular deficit, or to fund new programs. Do we ever see the direct result from that tax? No, it goes into a spitoon of spending. I did not want my social security money funding the cold war either.  (he called me a negro)

I ain't no Mark Levine, but I wanted to get that off of my chest.

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