Friday, October 22, 2010

Attention: Trenton, NJ

In the HBO series Treme, John Goodman's character does a Youtube rant directed at the Federal Government. He explodes in rage at his city being let down and hung out to dry by the very system that was supposed to be there in a time of need.  His exasperation was expressed with what has become a catch phrase down here in New Orleans.

In this blog, I have written how I was denied Unemployment Insurance from the state of New Jersey after paying into it for over 25 years. The reason given for denying me unemployment was because I voluntarily left my employment at the cab company and moved to Louisiana. The economy in NJ was so bad and the cost of living so expensive due to inherent corruption that I could not survive on the couple hundred dollars a week that I was earning.

The way I see it, I loaned you the money to hold onto it until such time that I may need it, if ever.  After  faithfully giving you my money for over two and a half decades to do with want you wanted, you renege. You refuse to return in monthly payments what I have only paid in. You refused to take that money and give it to my daughter to cover my child support payments. Where are all of those dollars that I gave you? They paid for a swimming pool in the back yard of some Guido's mansion.

For years I had said the only ones in New Jersey who can make it are politicians, union officials and mobsters, New Jersey's Holy Trinity.  Supposedly, the new Governor Chris Christy is making some changes in Trenton. We'll see. Ever see what happens when you try to take a food dish from a corrupt dog when it's eating? Watch your back in NJ.

Well New Jersey, you got busted. I hope the film "The Saprano State" leads to investigations and long prison terms for all of the corrupt, graft taking and lazy bureaucratic sloths that have been stealing from the hard working New Jersians. All of us who have been paying into the system of nepotism and kick backs want to see heads roll. Don't get so riled up over your well earned reputation. You deserve it. NJ is not the garden state, it's the den of thieves state. I got out of that neighborhood because I was tired of making pay offs to criminals through a high cost of living.

To the lazy, triple-chinned, pencil pushing redundant bureaucratic bastard who probably never had a real job in his life, but made the desician not to give me my unemployment insurance, FUCK YOU YOU FUCKIN FUCK! May you be unemployed and be out of work next, lose your over priced McMansion on the out skirts of Trenton.

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