Sunday, September 26, 2010

What else is on?

I have a couple of friends who are big fans of the show "Smallville" They were literally counting down the hours until the tenth season started. I tried to watch the show, I just can't get into it. Even though I am a cartoonist, the whole super hero comic book genre never interested me. How could I identify with those characters? Super powers? Defending mankind from evil villains? Give me X ray vision, I'll be downtown at lunch time watching secretaries.

If asked what my favorite Television show is, I can't answer. There is really nothing on TV that will cause me to drop the nothing I am doing to watch. You have to reschedule your life because "Dancing with the stars" is on? Never seen it my life, along with every other top rated show. Hell, I forget to watch shows that I'm a background extra on.

When pressed for an answer if there ever was a show that "I had to be home and watch, never missed an episode of" it was Moonlighting. I think that was the last time TV held my interest. I've tried to watch other shows, nothing else seemed as well written. I'll have to try and find all of the seasons on DVD. (Well except for the last season, I think I stopped watching it half way through.) If anything else ever comes on close to the calibur of Moonlighting, I may pick up the remote.

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