Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wake me when September ends....

This blog is about moving from New Jersey to New Orleans, the differences and similarities. September is where they share ugly anniversaries. Every Katrina story holds my attention and captures my heart. Acts of kindness from strangers around the country. The need to return and rebuild, with a stronger community than before. The uncountable losses.

Equally, a person from New Orleans seems intrigued by my memory of seeing the thick black smoke on the horizon. The smell that lingered for days. A small suburban town that lost twenty plus residents in an act of war. Telling folks had never seen the towers how it was one of my daily stops when I drove a commuter bus.

What could these two national tragedies have in common? Both times we as Americans expected our government to protect us, and they let us down. We go to sleep at night believing that our tax dollars are paying for agencies to catch bad guys. We trust the infrastructure that our homes are built on will be there in the morning. In both cases when questions were asked, they started to finger point and blame. They fire a few people, shuffle around bureaucrats and reassure us they fixed the problems and we are now safe.

summer has come and passed
the innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends

One observation made by a long time New Orleans resident "We managed to rebuild an entire goddamn city in 5 years, why is it taking you all so long to rebuild a couple of skyscrapers?" You know, I didn't have an answer.

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