Sunday, September 5, 2010

Southern Decadence Weekend

Southern Decadence Weekend in New Orleans. The French Quarter exactly. The difference between the Quarter and Greenwich Village is that the Quarter is a little less expensive and a lot less pretentious. The music is better down here too, my main gripe about hanging out with gay dudes up North is that they start to sing those damn show tunes when they get loaded.

In New Orleans, it's tough to offend people. Every life style, quirk, fetish, choice and hairstyle is tolerated here. The oldest city in America was settled by 'Pirates, Whores and Thieves', being just Gay doesn't even register on the double take meter. This weekend, a few hundred thousand gay men have come into town to party. The gay guys don't bother me, it's those nerds that are here the rest of the year who think that they're Vampires that I don't trust.

A few blocks on Bourbon Street has been openly gay for decades, long before it was as acceptable as it is today. "The Bourbon Pub is New Orleans’ largest gay nightclub. Operating continuously since 1974, it is the epicenter of the New Orleans gay and lesbian community, and is located at the corner of Bourbon and St. Ann Streets."

While drawing the above cartoon I was thinking about the gay and lesbian community. It takes a lot of balls for a person to come out of the closet and be openly gay. Despite changes in thinking, odds are most family members will reject you, neighbors will gossip and co-workers will snicker. In some areas of this nation, being openly homosexual is just asking for an ass kicking. Insecure heterosexual men find a false masculinity in abusing men secure in their sexuality.

So hats off to Southern Decadence for courage, style and great dance moves.


  1. Comeing from a die hard Conservative , that was an eye opener. Naturally i agree with your observations %100. It has been my experience that your average homophobe couldn't get laid in a women's prison , even if he walked in the door with a fist full of pardons.
    If it wasn't for the damn heat down there ( no pun intended ) i would be tempted to join you.

  2. Don't lump me in with "Die Hard Conservatives" I share some views, defiantly not all. The heat down here is tough, especially in the summer. Most everyone is very open to various lifestyles. Moving here from Jersey was the best thing I ever did.