Thursday, September 2, 2010

Damn Grits

I was a background extra today and I really don't have much of anything to write about. It's really kind of dull and boring after a few dozen times. A lot of waiting, sitting around, doing nothing but listening to some asshole brag about how he has Bruce Willis' wad of chewing gum at home. I find myself getting rude to asinine people down here. I guess it started back in Jersey when I was driving cab. That could explain why my tips went down.

I do meet some cool folks. A fight trainer from Los Angeles hung out and chatted with Russell this morning. The crew beat us background actors to the breakfast buffet and when I got there all there was left was grits. Damn grits. The guy from L.A. didn't like them either. He was the fight trainer for Zoe Saldana, he said she was a great student.

From the holding area we were driven to the set, where we stood around some more. I had to exit the same restaurant eleven times on cue, walk past Zoe on the sidewalk going the opposite direction. Then I was pretty much done for the day. Back into the van and rode to the next location where I sat in a tent with the first half of extras that were used at the first location. After a good  lunch, the other half sat in front of a bus station acting like they were waiting on a bus.

The only "excitement" all day was a rubber-necker who popped a tire on a curb while gawking. Damn near causing my friend Russell who was just a few feet away to crap his pants. I get so annoyed at pedestrians who walk up to the set and start asking questions. Russell and I had one walk up to us this morning at the sign in lot.
"Hey,what movie is this?" 
"Who's in it?"

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