Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saints win, 36 - 21

Back in Jersey I would have passengers in my cab ask me "You a Giants fan?" "Nope" "Ya like the Eagles?" "Both teams could die in fiery plane crashes and I couldn't care less."  I had never been to or even watched a football game in the past 47 years of life. Until last night when I went to my first Saints game. A friend of mine Brian aka "Mow" offered to treat me to a game at the Superdome. I came down to NOLA to re-invent myself, try new things and experience more of life.

Me, Mow & Murray

Thousands of black and gold fans peacefully filed into the recently re-sided stadium. It now has a goldish hue to it. I found myself leaning on the back of a pick up truck downing a few beers and watching women dressed in jersies and heels parade past. "I think I understand the whole Roman Coliseum thing now.No Christian were thrown to lions, but the Chargers were thrown to the the Saints. Mow told me "It ain't about the game, it's about the event."

I had a great time with the crowd. Enthusiastic, but I didn't see anyone acting like assholes or getting arrested. It was a privaledge to party with the who dat nation.  The Saint's Superbowl win was a great moral shot in the arm for New Orleans. The team brought pride and unity to a city constantly getting kicked around by the weather or now the petroleum corporations. Never have been a football fan, my only knowledge of the New Orleans Superdome was as a refuge center five years ago after Katrina.
Memories of the news chopper footage of the Superdome in the days of the storm ran through my mind as I drank up with my adoptive crew.  Murray, who I had never met provided my ticket through Mow. This is a friendly town. Even though Murray kept calling me a "Damn Yankee" all night.  I got to experience my first football game as well as a city constantly in search of something to celebrate. The Superdome represents the highs and the lows of living in the Big Easy.

 My only embarrassing moment  all night was trying to tip a cheerleader a dollar.


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