Monday, August 2, 2010

the people

Working background with 300 or so others with lots of down time I have met some really cool people. Some are native to New Orleans, some are permanent transplants like myself. In the Big Easy, it's easy to strike up conversations with strangers. It has taken months for me to drop my Jersey night cab driver attitude. Some folks say hello and are nice with no ulterior motives or ill intentions. I have met some really great people doing this work.

First off the women down here are friendly and approachable. Unlike Jersey women who run credit check on a guy before they speak to them, NOLA women talk to men like we are equally human. Also, women down here seem to be thinner on average than Jersey women. I guess in spite of rich food, sweating profusely nine months out of the year tends to keep water retention down. Lovely tan creatures with Fleur De Lis tattooed about their svelte... I digress.

Oh sure I have met some jerks down here, some things are universal. Somehow thick southern accents make them more amusing than irritating. When asked where I originate from I reply "The Jersey Shore." "Oh, like the TV show?" "Yea, kind of." Snookie and the Sopranos seem to be NJ's  albatross. I try to explain that Jersey is not all like that, but can't really find any examples to disprove the stereotype. It would be like saying that every idiot stumbling down Bourbon Street during carnival represents Louisiana.  Actually, those folks are probably from the NJ - NYC area down here on drinking binges.

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