Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lance E. Nichols

Film productions have moved from California to Louisiana because of tax breaks and incentives from this state.  There is talk that half of the next Batman movie will be filmed down here next year. It's not just the financial perks that draw film makers, but the talent. The last director I worked with was very complementary to our group of 300 plus background extras. He claimed that we were some of the best he has ever worked with. Seeing us at work for a dozen or so sweltering days, I think he may be right.

Back in June while my friend Russell and I were walking onto the set of Brawler, Russell grabbed my sleeve and pulled me towards a man in a vehicle. "Here is a guy you have to meet."  I was greeted with a firm friendly handshake. "Eric, this is Lance Nichols, Lance, this is Eric, he just moved down here from New Jersey." I didn't recognize Lance or know of his resume. He impressed me immediately as a man of quality and character. Confidant yet modest with everyone he met.

Later I learned from Russell that Lance is one of the most respected and busiest actors in New Orleans. Impressive IMDB page shows that he knows not just his craft, but his industry. Over the months I have heard his name come up repeatedly on different productions. Without exception when his name is mentioned someone will comment "What a great guy." From the Gulf Coast to the West Coast Lance is well respected and liked.

On two different productions I have crossed paths with Lance. Professional, talented and well liked by everyone seems to be his reputation. My friend Bobby worked as his stand in during the last shoot and had the privilege to spend time with Mr. Nichols. "He's the most down to earth and unpretentious man I have ever met" is Bobby's assessment of Lance. During the shoot, Lance being a principle could have eaten lunch with anybody involved with the production. Instead he was seen several times dinning with the sweaty masses of background actors.

I think if I had to put a face with the best that New Orleans has to offer the film industry, it would be Lance Nichols.

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