Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't always fear losing a job you don't like anyhow

 At this time last year, I was driving a cab at night on the Jersey Shore. Yea, like the TV show. I even have had those guys in my taxi. I drove three or four of the gombas from D-Jaise on Ocean Ave in Belmar NJ to the Headliner in Neptune. The one with the hair and ink gets in the front seat and the first words out of his mouth "J'ever ear uv a shoe culled da jerzey shor?"  I reply "Nope. I hope I never do."
Lousy tippers. 

Dealing with that crowd in mass, being beat out of fares. At two am having to clean puke up off of the backseat before I can use the car again to make money. Every silhouette that sat behind me could be holding a razor knife to my throat at any minute. Cops with hard-ons for cabbies because his ex banged one once.

NJ is the forth most expensive state to live in. Mostly due to corruption between the politicians, unions and the mob. Bureaucrats and contractors sucking the Jersey Girl's tits dry. The economy got so bad, people just weren't blowing money at the bars as much. The money dried up for us in the winter and every week I fell further behind. F Jersey, I'm moving to New Orleans, if I got to be poor, let it be someplace cheaper.

My complaint this morning at work was that the stunt people get bacon with breakfast and we don't.  Walking by all sorts of cool gizmos and craters. It's like getting caught in the middle of MYTHBUSTERS. F*ckin cool. Cars are rigged to blow up, much like Taxi cabs that do when in need maintenance.

The only thing I miss about New Jersey is my kid. I can't wait to bring her down here for a visit, let her know that life is better outside of the Garden State.

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