Monday, July 19, 2010

What fun am I missing?

Well, this is the first summer in the past five that I haven't driven cab on the Jersey Shore. What fun am I missing? People thought that we made boo-koo bucks. The summers I worked were ok, but earned it. Loud drunken Bennies. A Bennie is slang term on the Jersey Shore for summer tourists. The slang comes from railroad conductors years ago who transported summer people down from north Jersey. The word derives from the stations that they got on to go south: Bayonne, Elizabeth, and Newark. In south Jersey, the term "Shoobie" is used. Folks from Philadelphia would bring their lunches in shoeboxes on to the coast bound train. Florida calls them "Snowbirds."

Guido, is used to refer to an Italian American from north Jersey or New York who comes down in the summer to act like an ass. I bet this summer they will be more obnoxious and abusive because of the TV show "Jersey Shore." Now the idiots will think it's cool and fashionable to be a negative ethnic stereotype. The guys will be pumped with even more steroids filling them with rage. They will come down with even more insecurities to cause them to act like a pack of male dogs trying to out hump each other or each other.

The girls named Maria will give themselves ridiculous nicknames and believe that you're not drunk enough until some stranger punches you in your obnoxious mouth. Thanks MTV.

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