Saturday, July 31, 2010

Position one...

It isn't all glamour. The past few days of shooting have taken a toll on me. I have never been athletic, and 5 years of driving cab had turned me completely into veal. This morning I was picked for more running. On the first take I felt something snap in my groin. I was expecting the heart to go first, not the groin. Repeated rehearsals and takes had reduced me to a limping flat footed straggler. A production assistant came up after a take and tapped me on the shoulder to tell me to sit it out. I guess this film isn't a comedy.

I limped back to extra holding holding my left nut.  Shame, that one was always my favorite. Having to walk up a flight of stairs to get to holding, I was afraid "Lefty" was going to fall off, drop out of my shorts and roll down the steps. Awkward moment for sure. About the time I managed to find a position in a hard plastic chair that didn't add to the pain, they broke us for us for lunch.

Walking back to set after lunch a group of us crossed Poydras Ave. I heard my name being called, I ignored to first two Erics since there were a few on set. Mid street I turned around to see my landlady sitting at a red light snapping my picture. She had been in town on business and got stopped by this red light. I just happened to be crossing at that moment.

Sounds incredible, but New Orleans is a small town city. I keep bumping into the same total strangers so much that I know many by name.When I limped back into formation on the side walk with the other background extras, one asked "Who was that?" I replied: "Fuckin Paparazzi."

It's a very tightly closed set and cameras will get you kicked out. But since this was taken off set by a motorist I can show you me in wardrobe.  We were dismissed earlier than usual with some of the background extras being given tomorrow off. Not me, I guess I am in a few key shots that they need me to come in. I'll duct tape Lefty to my thigh and do my best.

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