Sunday, July 18, 2010

oh no! it'z Godzirra!

Landscapers earn their keep in Louisiana. The weather is tropical, the plants are tropical, the insects are from B-movie monster flicks.

"Gee, did someone just fly a remote controlled model aircraft into my head?"

"No, it was a flying cockroach."

Today, I encountered these ugly but intriguing creatures. They are huge, almost as big as a cell phone. Black and bright red piping. Heavy Metal of the insect world. You get three of them together and they look like the band Motorhead.

They're called DEVIL'S HORSE, sounds like a metal band. Probably is. From what I understand, they'll get bigger still. God help us all.

The wasps are even nastier than in NJ. These act like angry alcoholics first thing in the morning. They just are looking for an excuse to go off on someone and sting them. I was kicking around the back yard before I mowed. I saw a crawfish eating a dog turd. JEEZ, this is a delicacy to who?

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