Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The job thingy

I hit Craigslist a couple of times a day. Not a lot out there. When I first arrived in New Orleans in March, my buddy Aaron suggested that I start applying for work on off shore oil rigs. Great money, adventure. I wouldn't be doing the roustabout kind of work, too old. The rigs are like small cities in the Gulf, they need janitors and cooks. I started to send out resumes to a few companies.... the rest is history.

At one of the temp agencies I found some work doing labor. Even though I was twice the age of most of the local kids hired from the same agency, I kept up and even out worked some. I didn't bitch about doing the work that was given. I was thankful for it. The manager that hired us through the temp agency pulled me to the side and took my number. I never expected to hear from him.

Yesterday my phone rings, I have a week's work waiting for me in Biloxi Mississippi. Unloading trucks and assembling school furniture. They'll put me and a few others up at a Motel 6 and feed us, plus pay. I explained that my car was in the shop, he said he'll set me up with a ride to Biloxi. I'm glad to find a place where the work ethic does not go unnoticed. I'll keep you posted.

BTW, it's pronounced Bil- LUX-i, not bil-OX-i. Pronounce it wrong and the locals laugh. Let's see them try to pronounce Manasquan or Hohokus.

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