Monday, July 12, 2010

good people story

When I returned from picking up the forms for food stamps this morning, (Of which were mostly gone to those who used to work in the fishing industries.) I found a care package waiting for me. Shipped from an undisclosed mountain in the Pacific North West. It was heavier than I thought and I may have damaged a testicle. The package (Box on porch that is) contained everything from rice to Dewar's airplane liquor. The GONZO Diet: Starch and liquor. Candy, Chef Boyrdee, coffee, yea.

God bless them both. Thanks to everyone who has helped me on this journey. "Ok Columbus, here's two hundred to find something interesting...." I can't wait for an opportunity to pay each of you back ten fold. That is the one's who believed in me get ten fold. Regular creditors and idiots just get payed back exactly what I owe.

Thanks again, not just for the carbs and buzz, but for believing in me.

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  1. What a great idea ! CARE packages for Eric. If i knew your address , i would like to be added to your Idiot's List. <> Jim