Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Anime sucks. Someone has to tell you this fact. You thirty year olds who have never seen a real naked woman in your entire lives can sit in your parent's basement all night long on line chatting about how great anime is, it won't change the fact. It sucks. Asian culture is based on not stepping out of the box, taking what someone else has invented and making cheap mass produced rip offs. This is the entire Asian cartoon industry. Perhaps a few comic artists have improved and excelled at the craft, but the bottom line is Anime is cheap plotless garbage that should only be enjoyed by the 10 and under crowd. Unimaginative mass produced fluff for unsophisticated tastes who need to be baby sat while mom is on the phone.

When I was five years old watching Speed Racer and Gigantor, I knew even then that it was grossly inferior to Warner Brothers. I would be embarrassed if someone came into the living room to find me watching Speed Racer. Sure one can argue for the "campy kitche" appeal to the early Asian cartoons. The same way one can argue that Pixie Stixs have some nutritional value.

I got thinking about how painfully bad anime is while working on my cartoon "CRUDE." My two minute animation may not be the greatest, however it does involve some work. We needed a quick one second shot of a character talking. To stay on our schedule we decided to employ the cheap trick of focusing on the eyes of a speaking character. We laughed about how entire 30 minute episodes are filled with such ploys. Even funnier, chubby nerds who spend their hard earned allowances on DVDs of this crap to watch with their pants around sweaty ankles.I am familiar with the genre, I was reading HEAVY METAL Magazine before most of you Poke Mon card collectors were born. Perhaps there are a few talented artist who work in the style that deserve respect. The overwhelming majority of the anime is drawn by sweat shop minimum wage nerds who have a pen in one hand and a tiny yellow penis in the other. Drawing nothing but doey eyed twelve year old girls with D cup breasts. Stop praising it.

I on the other hand draw forty year old skanks with fake D cup breasts, the way God intended cartoons to be. This is my opinion, I don't care what you think, NERD!

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