Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who Dat?

It's kind of cool being ignorant of pop culture. I watch very little TV, I haven't been in a movie theater in years. The last DVD I rented was at least a year ago with my daughter. I think we picked it because of an exploding car on the cover. When I get to a movie set, I'll find myself standing next to the lead thinking "I wish this guy with all of the hair would step away from the coffee maker so I can get a cup." He's who?

Director Chris Sivertson

So, I'll do a little research on line when I finish the shoot to see who it was I didn't know. Brawler stars Pell James, Marc Senter, Nathan Grubbs, Michael Bowen and Bryan Batt. One looked kind of familiar. I saw all of them over the course of two days, nothing really scandalous or even remotely interesting to report. All polite and courteous folks. Marc Senter who is both producing and starring in Brawler seemed very cool, funny and talented. After a long hot day's shoot he was still there making sure everyone got their checks and left content.

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