Monday, June 14, 2010

Sound rolling, background sweat!

Oh sure, being a background extra sounds like the most glamorous job in the world... yea. My latest 'acting' gig is working background on the film Brawler. I'll just tell you me and my buddy are in it, and one of the hottest looking background actresses working in New Orleans. The extra herd was kept in a warehouse until it was time to shoot. We then were crammed into a closed in set with no ventilation and a smoke machine.
Did I mention it was mid 90's and extremely humid? To make matters worse they fed all of the extras beans for lunch. It was a horrible, hot and miserable day at work. My friend (The Bobby DeNiro of extras) refused to go back to the shoot today. I (The Joe Pesci of extras) am going back in today because I can use the money and like watching hot chicks sweat.

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