Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hey Crablady

Someday, my now 13 year old daughter will be tearing up Bourbon Street with her rowdy college girlfriends. When they say how cool Bourbon Street is, Laura can turn and say "My Dad led a parade down Bourbon as a twelve foot tall Jester back in '10." I thought I would be bringing up the rear, nope. They put me on the point with a brass band behind me.

There was a large group of cardiologists in town for a convention. My employer was contacted for some revelers and a big head for a promotional event. I was given a big head job...wait, that doesn't sound right. Paid to do head... given money for head.

Anyway, I was a juggling reveler in the beginning at the convention at a sweet old downtown hotel. The Roosevelt. Classy and grand. When another reveler named Steve and myself walked in dressed like we were, people spun and looked at us in awe. It was like the Joker had just taken over the Gothem City Hilton.

On the way over to the job, I heard someone say the words "Yea, the crab lady will be there." I'm thinking, "Nice, she sounds like a keeper. Even though it's been a while, don't introduce me." Actually she was a crawfish. The hottest most drop dead gorgeous crawfish I have ever seen. Very sweet girl. I'm not sure, but I think I now have a fetish for women dressed as crustaceans. Pretty much rounds off my list of weird thoughts. The girl dressed as a gator was smoking hot too. I digress.

All of the convention attendees were treated to marching in a parade down Bourbon Street. Complete with brass band, permits and a police escort. I almost knocked a cop off of his scooter when he stopped short in front of me on Canal Street. I wasn't scared of the cop, I was at least six feet taller than him.

As soon as we started, people lined up, snapping pictures. Behind me the band wailed out some Jazz classics, Steve danced with some Doctor's drunk wife and Crablady flung beads. Strippers were coming out of the clubs to see what was going on. Down the middle of Bourbon with two police escorts, navigating by neon signs, sweating my ass off. It paid a week's rent and was a blast. I'll see if I can get hold of some pics from tonight's parade.

So, what did you guys up in Jersey do today at work?

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