Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brawler Boiler

DAY 2: Monday I returned to the set of the film BRAWLER. Very few background extras returned from the day before. Oppressive heat and gruelling conditions weeded out those with health problems and ones with better sense. After talking with the casting agent it seems a change in shooting schedule prevented a rented air conditioning unit from being there. Or so the story goes. I enjoy watching the filming of movies. The camera shots being set up, angles and lighting. We were in a windowless set with only a few large fans circulating the hot smoke filled air.

In this scene we were a cheering crowd at an illegal cage match aboard a ship. We stood by patiently as the fight director ran thru the final choreography of each fist swing and canvas fall. The actors fought heat exhaustion more than each other. I briefly conversed with the director and some crew, very cool and approachable people. The actors made it a point to slap the extras on our sweaty backs and say "Good job, thanks for coming out." I saw less than a quarter of the extras from the first day on the second day shoot. A few new ones who didn't know what fun was in store for them.

Look for the film BRAWLER, sweaty and gritty fun.

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