Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Walking In Memphis (sort of)

When I moved down to New Orleans, I had no idea what I would be doing to earn income. I was prepared to dig ditches or wash dishes. Somehow I ended up doing background extra work in films, more fun than digging ditches. Yesterday I worked on the TV show Memphis Beat as an extra. The scene was a Bar-B-Que festival set in Memphis, but filmed in NOLA. A twelve hour day in the sun, waiting and waiting. I didn't say it was an easy job, it's still a job. Being a Bar-B-Que festival the director wanted lots of smoke, he got it. Real BBQ wood smoke combined with the Hollywood smoke of crushed walnuts and church incense. By the time we finished, my friend Russel and I smelled like we had spent all day at mass.I haven't complained about the weather since I got here. Too many cold, damp nights driving cab in Jersey for me to be bitching about warmth and sunshine. It was warm when we worked. The first scene we performed in involved a streaker running through the street festival. That then transformed into a stabbing scene of Fat Red and eventually a gun shoot out. Twelve hours into our day we were sunburned, smokey and tired. Re shooting take after take of bystanders hiding behind BBQ grills dodging gunfire then having to run for cover. Over and over again. It was a great F*ckin day, I hope we get called back.

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