Friday, May 7, 2010

Shut up, Stand There, Get Out Of My Way.

I thought I might blog about what it is like working as an extra in a film. It's not very interesting, but I needed a blog subject. In fact, it's an amazingly boring job. Hours and hours of sitting around waiting for someone to point to a location for you to sit or stand around for another hour. The best part of the job is how well they feed you. It's like going to work on a cruise ship. Except without the Legionnaire's disease.

Rule ONE: Extras are at the bottom of the food chain, lowest of the low. They let you to the buffet troth last. It's all good, there is always more than enough. Here is the social order: Producer, Directer, Caterer, Actors, Production Crew, Grips, Everyone Else, Background Extras, Parking spots.

Rule TWO: Shut up, Stand There, Get Out Of My Way. (Pretty self explanatory.)

Rule THREE: Be On Time.

Rule FOUR: Dress How They Tell You.

Rule FIVE: No Pictures. (So far, no one has said "no Cartoons")

Rule SIX: While on the set, NEVER throw Mardi Gras beads at the lead actress and scream "SHOW US YOUR TITS!"

(For the record, I won't be working as an extra again on any more Lindsay Lohan films anytime soon.

Well, I'm scheduled to do extra work tomorrow.

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