Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Really cool people

I'm humbled when I meet a Katrina survivor. Every one is worthy of a TV series. One room mate tells upon returning he and a friend went to Home Depot and bought the last two chainsaws and managed to turn it into a business. The roomy said he had never even used a chainsaw before. In a short time he and his partner had turned it into a successful landscaping enterprise. Never had worked with sod before, they undertook repairing storm damaged lawns back to pre-Katrina conditions.

Seeing a shortage of places to eat, he and his partner then started up a sandwich shop catering to the returning workers into the city. One person I met spoke of eating M.R.E.'s (Meals ready to eat)for weeks. Waffle told of Red Cross wagons and Taco vendors being the only source of food in this city known for fine dining. The ones I have met have a great attitude seldom heard back in Jersey. "It's just stuff, it don't mean a thing." A live for today, don't waste your energy on collecting expensive stuff that can be gone tomorrow attitude.

Conversely Nola still has a very high suicide rate.

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