Monday, May 31, 2010

An open letter to The New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Bureaucrats

You had denied my initial claim for unemployment. Your agency took the stand of my quitting of employment for personal reasons. My counter claim was based on the fact of economic realities, I could no longer afford to live in your over priced, over taxed and over rated state of New Jersey. The cost of living is less in New Orleans, La. If I have to be poor, let it be some place cheaper to live.

I was given a time and a date for a "hearing call" from your people. Renowned for being chop busting bureaucrats who make tax payers jump through hoops to get what they are owed. I was unable to take your call. Why? My telephone service has been disconnected. Why? Because you stingy pencil pushers refuse to give me some of what I have been paying into for the past 26 years of my life. Do you see the catch 22 here? I couldn't accept your call for an unemployment hearing because my phone was shut off. It was shut off because you refuse to give me money.

I'm not asking for a loan here, I am demanding back what I had entrusted in you (The State of New Jersey) to give back to me in case of unemployment. I am now unemployed, may I have back some of the money you took out of my paycheck each and every week? Now you expect me to grovel when my phone rings at your convenience? No. I have been unemployed now for over two months, been hungry and had to live in a Ford Escort on occasion because YOU DECIDE on whether or not I should get back my own money?

After paying into your system for 26 years, I make my first claim and you deny me? Don't think I can't make a stink for you from down here in New Orleans. I am unemployed, I have plenty of time to write to every known outlet to vent my frustrations. I will make my former state look like the bureaucratic mismanaged and corrupt system that it is.

If nothing else, use MY unemployment money toward my child support obligations.

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