Friday, May 14, 2010

Ok, I'll go back to doing editorials

If the oil spill had taken place off of Long Island or Seattle, there would've been some optimism from the residents. Some hope that our leadership would have a plan, and step up to the plate. Down here in New Orleans the overwhelming consensus was "We are f*cked" No optimism, no hope. Like a helpless cellmate when the lights go off just waiting to be violently rolled over. The Gulf Coast knows first hand what inaction useless leadership is capable of.About a year ago in New Jersey, I thought I would give editorial cartooning another try. The atmosphere was right. Heated and passionate debate over the direction of our leadership. I had become jaded and discouraged by the political process for the past few decades. I despised Bush and the Patriot Act, despised the knee jerk liberals for undermining our nation's well being.

To listen to Americans debate GOP over Dems is like listening to two fat people argue over whether Burger King is healthier than McDonalds. Two WWF fans debate what pro wrestler should win the match. I lean politically to the opposite direction of whoever is in power. They divide and manipulate, the two sides are nothing more than two buddies playing the good cop / bad cop routine on us. We fight amongst ourselves while they go on playing games behind closed doors.

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