Monday, May 3, 2010

Do I list under "ESCORTS"?

Ok, Cottman Transmissions called. $35o just to pull the tranny to see what's wrong. The mechanic said realistic estimate is about $1,200 to $1,800 to rebuild the transmission. The blue book value is about $1,000. So I guess my one small asset is gone. It will save me money on registration and insurance. I can survive here with public transportation. It will just limit me on where I can work. It was a good car, it was my mom's so there was a sentimental value on it. I'm listing it on Craigslist for parts. I may be able to get a few hundred for it.

1995 Ford Escort 2 door hatchback. ( About 98,000 original miles) Transmission failed, 1.9 engine is in strong good shape, A/C and rest of car works. Body in good shape, right front fender dented. Perfect for parts or if you can install transmission yourself. MUST TAKE ENTIRE AUTO, no bits and pieces. Best Offer.

Well, ironically my car died while it was being filmed in a movie called Killing Karma.

Second Craigslisting: NEEDED: Replacement transmission for a 1995 Ford Escort.

TO OFFER: Graphic Artist Services will include: Design and construction of a five page web site. ONE YEAR graphic artist services to include, Logo Design, business card design and layout, newspaper ad design, graphic design for signage and layout with truck letting layout. The auto can be held as collateral for WEB SITE until completion.

All Artist Labor Free. Mechanic or shop must cover: Internet hosting fees, domain registration, printing and advertising costs. Offer is for artist labor only.

Visit to see samples of work.

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