Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My name is Eric

The other day in my blog I mentioned that due to my ignorance of recent television and films, that I could be standing next to a celebrity and never know it. It happened, sort of. While on the set we saw the principals arrive and take positions. I hadn't heard of this show, and do to my lack of interest would probably never watch it. I don't have time to watch TV, I'm too busy writing my own scripts for an animated series to do so. I really don't give a crap about who's on the cover of People magazine, who's banging who or what big shot is in rehab. I am not impressed by fame.

The one guy looked kind of familiar, I didn't really care who he was, I just wanted to earn a day's pay. About half way through the day I found out who the actor was, Jason Lee. Wow, ok, I heard of him. When I first moved down to New Orleans two months ago and stayed with Waffle and Diane, they turned me onto a very funny show called 'My name is Earl.' I liked the show from the first time I saw it, it kind of had the feel that I wanted for my future animated show 'BiNGE.'

Ironically before I left New Jersey I sat down with a yellow legal pad and made a list of everyone that I owed money to. Personal, professional and credit card debt. I vowed that I would work my ass off to make good on all owed money. My name is Earl was about a shifty but lovable white trasher from NJ who finds out about Karma while watching a late night talk show. He makes a list on a yellow legal pad of all of the negative things he has done, and sets out to make up for them.
One background extra broke protocol by going up and chatting with the stars. Ordinarily this would lead to automatic dismissal from the set, but for some reason she got away with it.

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