Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Moon over Bourbon Street

The other day my landlord asked, "I know you have been looking for work, but have you applied anywhere besides strip clubs?" Well, yea, a few. My only call back so far has been from one of Larry Flynt's places on Bourbon Street. When I did show up to the interview appointment ten minutes early, the manager came out and asked for this other guy who was there. I explained that the other manager had set me up with an interview at that time, she said she would call me back again. A chubby sweaty guy with a stupid grin got the interview.I have networked on Bourbon Street with a couple of barkers who have given me some pointers. Barkers stand in front of the clubs yelling to pedestrians about what a great time they'll miss if they don't come in. Clint, who barks during the day told me don't give up. Be so constant in asking for work that they give me a job to shut me up. Another dude I met while juggling on Royal street where he sells Ice Cream during the day and barks at a sex club at night. Barking at the moon over Bourbon Street, ain't New Orleans a cool town?Why do I feel the need to work at one? It's not as superficial as it seems. I have driven cab at night on the Jersey shore for the past five years. Most jobs seem boring and tame in comparison. I have been dealing with every kind of hard core alcoholic, crack head, meth head, juice head and Guido at night that you could imagine. I listened on the dispatch radio as a fellow driver and buddy screamed he had been cut during a robbery. I have watch cops beat up drunks on the hood of my cab. I've seen naked women make out in the back seat. Am I suppose to work at Walmart now? I will take a job anywhere at this point. Nothing would please the ex wife more than to hear about me working in a 120 degree kitchen washing dishes for minimum wage. However, if she she found out I was working a strip club on Bourbon it would most likely ruin her day. Ruin the day of a born again Christian, I think Larry himself would smile at that.

NOTE: My landlord read this blog and said "Oh, you're trying to find work at a titty bar to piss off your ex wife? Best of luck, I support your career efforts 100% then."

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