Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Method Extra Acting

Lee J Lester, Country & Western's most under rated bad boy resides in Memphis when he is not on one of his many final tours. Three decades of classic hits and countless stays at rehabs around the world ensure Lester's legacy will live on.

During the Memphis Beat shoot everyone was so impressed by my buddy's wardrobe that he became a foreground extra. The scene was a memorial service for a country and western legend who passed away in Memphis. The service was attended by everyone who was anyone in the music industry. My buddy who looks like a Willie / Merle / Waylon Cash type got pushed to the front of the scene every time. Front row of the service, being snapped by paparazzi, and a back stage after party. The director also teamed him up with another background extra who was dressed to the nines. She had this gothic Cher look going. Kind of Stevie Nicks meets Elvira.

By the time we got home from the shoot, this background character had more back story than the rest of the show. My character is "Scratch" Goldblum.

How many background characters have their own FACEBOOK page?


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