Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thanks George...

I am pleased to report that some one at the top must have gotten wind from somewhere and our meal was much better today. We ate with the cast & crew.

We received calls from the casting company on Friday for work on Monday and Wednesday of this week. Saturday I was contacted by a different casting company looking for extras to work on the film "Green Lantern" for about five days this week. That would've been more lucrative, but I stuck with my commitment on Memphis Beat. I overheard several other background extras make the same comment.

Monday we pissed and moaned about the quality of food served to us at lunch. Yes, we are only extras which places us in the category of cattle. The extra wranglers were cool and the day went well. This morning in the holding room you couldn't find craft services with a Geiger counter. My buddy and I went down the catering truck with a sign on it "Cast crew only, Extras go to holding" What's next, segregated drinking fountains for extras and crew? We grabbed our coffee from the catering truck, who's going to argue with two bad ass cowboys. Ok, one bad ass cowboy and an Amish dude.

On the walk back to holding, a homeless junky saw our hats and took us for easy out of town marks. "I haven't eaten in two days, can you spare seventy five cent so I can get a burger?" In unison, my buddy and I pointed back to the catering truck. "Go up to that truck, they'll feed you for free." "Yea, just tell them you're a production assistant." An hour later crafty showed up in the holding room with coffee and snacks. When lunch came around, we were herded into the same dining area as the crew. The food that was left was great.

Like any job, you have coworkers who whine and bitch all day. "It's too hot, we've been waiting for hours, when's lunch?" Shut up, it's the easiest most fun job you'll probably ever do. Be on your mark, do what you're told and shut up so the rest of us can hear the director. Where else can you go to work and be dressed up like a cowboy, a cop or a criminal and be fed?

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  1. I completely agree... I hate hearing extras bitch and moan on set. This is a freaking CUSHY job, dude. lol How is it that you and I never spoke in holding at Memphis Beat?