Sunday, May 30, 2010

How's the weather?

When I left Jersey there was lots of days filled with drizzle. Day after day of annoying light rain. For the past two months or so down here mostly sunny and humid. Natives keep warning me of the summer to come. That's what weeds outs visitors from those who stay. Back in NJ I always dressed as if it was ten degrees colder than it was. Long johns when it was 50 degrees out, long sleeves when it was 70. My passengers would bitch because I seldom turned the air conditioner on in my cab during the summer. Of course they usually were 100 pounds over weight and had been drinking heavily for six hours.

Today rain, lots of hard driving rain blowing sideways with non stop thunder. Storms that creep in dump a ridiculous amount of water then roll off leaving things steamy and more humid. Every morning I crawl out to the deck with cigarettes, coffee and shades just to sit there in the sun like a reptile starting it's day. 8 am, 80 degrees and humid.

Predictions from the TV meteorologist seem to point to a very active Hurricane season. To make matters worse, a severe storm will push the oil slick far inland, perhaps into Lake Pontchartrain. The churning storm waters of the Gulf combined with high winds might send some of the oil airborne. This of course will coat everything inland with a thin slimy coat of crude oil.

Locals are angry, but resigned to this. Being the oldest city in America they roll with any punch that hits them. Four nations have flown flags over New Orleans, countless floods, wars, hurricanes have given this town the "F*ck it, let's party tonight, tomorrow we die" attitude. Most people I have met said they will not evacuate again. I can't say what I will do, probably face the Apocalyptic summer with a Hurricane in hand laughing because it still is better than New Jersey.

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