Sunday, May 9, 2010

Combing Karma

Despite a little bit of a rough start of the day concerning my report time at the set, I had a great day working as a background extra on "Killing Karma." It was my first time having to go through make up. The artist earned her pay. When I left Jersey two months ago I was due for a hair cut. My solution has been glopping a handful of gel in it and slicking it back like Johny Bagodoughnuts. Yesterday I was to play a clean cut government office worker. The make up artist started by trimming my graying goatee.

Once she got the scissors out and started to trim my hair here and there, I suddenly felt like a million dollars. Free hair cut and lunch? Damn, this is better than the homeless shelter. I enthusiastically told her "Knock yourself out, cut as much as you want." She replied, "Not too much, tomorrow they may want you to play someone ratty and dirty, like a cab driver." I looked into the mirror with a smirk thinking "Yea, I could play a cab driver." The make up artist dragged a comb through the knotted gelled blanket covering my bald spot.

Extra work is not for the claustrophobic.

Most of the background extras look forward to "camera time." I'm here for the $80 and the free food. Being on screen is cool, I can't wait for my daughter Laura to see the film. Yesterday, I believe I was lined up for a shot so she can point and yell "THERE'S DAD!" I was pushing a mail cart through an office tossing envelopes onto desks. A steady-cam was following me then it roamed to the other office workers. The assistant director setting up the scene wanted energy and kept telling everyone to go faster. On the third take my mail cart clipped the corner of a cubicle causing laughter and a restart.

It was fun.

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