Friday, May 14, 2010

Cool People

I won't say I didn't meet cool people in New Jersey, there were a few. For some reason New Orleans seems to attract interesting folks. Creativity in Jersey was viewed as a mostly useless talent. What do expect from a place where old Victorian homes would be torn down and replaced with plastic McMansions. Down here the homes with the most style have peeling paint and shutters slamming in the wind.
I've met people who have earned a living from building Mardi Gras floats and designing costumes. This is what they did when they went to work and saw it all as just another day at the office. I just applied for a job as a juggler, I never once saw an ad in Jersey for juggling. I drew this cartoon of a dude I met from California. A superb tattoo artist who cruises around in a sharp Cadillac with a cool little dog. Next Sunday I'm taking part in an event, the Chaos Carnival. I'll fill you in then on the details.

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