Monday, April 19, 2010

Yet another Avenue..

Today I applied at a place that just laid off for the summer. Right place, wrong time. It was Blaine Kern studios. This float studio is considered the best in town. On this side of the river in Algiers is where most of the great Mardi Gras floats are constructed. On parade day they are driven up 'Mardi Gras Bvd' next to where I am living. Down that street and over the Mississippi into New Orleans. I am with in walking distance of the numerous large warehouse structures used for the studios.

So out of simple optimism I went in and dropped off a resume. I can't get used to the fact that down here the summer is the 'slow time.' I was told that in the fall they may be in need of artists. Presumptuous on my part, that I have never even witnessed a Mardi Gras parade and I think that I am qualified to work on a float. I mentioned my experience in art and sign construction, so I think that may win me a point in the fall.

Blaine Kern Studio

We'll see. I also tracked down the studio that the terrific, attractive British lady from the ferry mentioned. Remember her? I started poking around Prytania Ave like a gumshoe. I managed to find the place and get buzzed in by an employee who was leaving the restroom. No one was there who could help me, but I managed to get the production company's name and number to send them a resume.

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