Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's black and white with red tassels?

What's black and white with red tassels? (Besides a great act in this club on Bourbon Street) It was me today. I went to work wearing a black and white Harlequin costume. I kept my black beret and shades. I am NOT a mime. Not a clown, more like Maynard G. Krebbs meets the Joker.

Despite rather disappointing returns on my former street performances, I went back out today. My landlords found out I was street performing and lent me this cool costume. For years these two have been performers and costume makers in the New Orleans area. Very talented and cool folks. Now they do a lot of film extra work with the many productions going on here in town. The warehouses where the Mardi Gras floats are assembled are about three blocks from where I am staying. I can't get more into the heart of this city than I am now.

One just got done working with Bruce Willis. His personal mini van almost got crushed in an action scene. He was very disappointed it didn't get blowed up. I've been applying for extra work also.

I met a lot of other street performers today. Interesting and fascinating group. I felt like I had run away and joined the circus. I wish I had ran away to this place twenty years ago. I met Santa Claus, correction: Sant E. Claus, his legal name supposedly. Very cool dude, you'd expect Santa to be hard to approach. Real beard, white hair wearing bright red shorts and a red Hawaiian shirt. Holding a drink cup with a sign: SANTA ON VACATION. Take your pic with him, he gets a buck.

I hung out with magicians, old blues musicians, living statues and "Johny Balloons" the balloon bender. These folks were now my peers and competition. Very friendly, they greeted me and gave me the run down and pointers. My morning commute started with a free ferry ride across the river, a stroll on the river front and dressed as a Harlequin. Beats sitting in traffic on the Garden State Parkway.

It's a little intimidating to come into the French Quarter dressed like this for the first time. I was working Royal Street today (much cooler than the touristy Bourbon) I strolled watching other acts and introducing myself. A cowboy with a guitar and a harmonica didn't look thrilled I was competing for tip money. As I walked up he started to play an eerie Hugo Montegio western song. When your the new guy in town you don't want a cowboy to start playing the theme to the "Good, Bad and the Ugly."


Yea, I'm still waiting on the photos of me dressed in costume to return from the Fotomat. Ya'll have to wait.

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